Yes, another draft complete. I put it into high gear this week and cranked out draft number five. The term 'draft' varies from one writer to another. Some writers will consider a draft only if there have been major rewrites, while others like myself consider any rewrite a new draft.

So, I read it last night and of course am pleased with the changes I made. The page count is down to a lean 117. I have written up some questions for myself which I must now apply to the next draft. I'll be looking for anything that (1) doesn't belong or (2) isn't properly set-up. I still have to fine tune some scenes and the relationship between Matt/DD and the Kingpin. I love how Bullseye is shaping up.

Also in this draft (which will be done on paper again) I will be going through each character individually to see if their "voices" are consistent. One problem with many scripts is that all the characters sound the same. Each character should be given their own speech pattern and level of vocabulary to distinguish them from the rest of the cast.

How soon to the FINAL product I have been asked? Well, let's just say I'm shooting for the fourth of July weekend. I want to give it 2-3 more quick rewrites/drafts, have a friend of mine critique it, make changes that she recommends, and it should be ready.

Talk soon--

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