Pecking away at the latest draft.

First thing I'm looking at, is fine tuning any scenes or text descriptions. Then I'll be looking at voices, the timeline, and a few other details.

I recently read several reviews of various "superhero" scripts that were or still are floating around the big H. The reviewers gave a 'thumbs-up' for the Fantastic Four and Batman 5 scripts while a 'thumbs-down' for Iron Man, Catwoman, and the Incredible Hulk. I'll be posting a summary of these reviews in my News section when I find some time.

What I looked for in the reviews is what worked and what didn't. It seemed the scripts that failed were due to weak plot, shallow characters, and (Iron Man in particular) borrowing images/scenes from previous superhero movies (Superman, Batman, Robocop). The reviewer who read the FF really liked the fact that the writer captured the little familiarities that many have come to know from reading the FF comic for 30+ years. The Batman script worked well because of (1) it's antagonist(s) and (2) the public (in the movie) once again question/fear the existence of the Dark Knight.

I think the latter reason is what will make a really good DD film. DD works best [IMHO] in the shadows as a darker figure; the way Frank Miller portrayed him. I certainly don't think the movie going audience needs to see another regurgitated one-liner, butt-kicking hero-- You know: "I'll be back" and "Yipee-Ki-ay, Mother F****." While the one line gags work for Spider-Man in the world of pulp, a big screen Daredevil would be laughed at if he came off "cutesy."

See you next week.

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