Wow! The 50th installment of this log. When its all done and over with, I'll have to go back and read them all straight through. I'm hoping it all makes sense, one way or the other.

Finished cleaning up text and now am beginning to run through each character. What I do is, I take one character (Bullseye for example) and read only his lines and no one else's. What I'm looking for is consistency in his vernacular or speech patterns, making sure he has his "own voice," which will make him stand out from the other characters.

Speaking of Bullseye, I found a nice search feature at IMDb where you can plug in a single word (i.e.: vanilla) and a list of all the quotes, that are in IMDb's database, with that word will be created. I was searching for the word "murder" for Bullseye the other day and found a great quote.

To set up the scene:
Bullseye, in jail, is being interviewed by a pompous journalist (ala "Natural Born Killers").

REPORTER So tell me Mr. Poindexter... BULLSEYE --Bullseye. REPORTER How's that? BULLSEYE Call me Bullseye. REPORTER All right, Mr. Bullseye. You're one of America's most notorious assassins. A murderer--without remorse. Can you tell the viewing audience what it is that drives a man to commit such monstrosities? BULLSEYE Kill a man and you're a murderer. Kill thousands and you're a conqueror. Kill everyone and you're a god.

Bullseye's last lines are from Masculin, féminin, a 1966 film by French director Jean-Luc Godard. Though I haven't seen the flick, I love the quote.

Onward ho. See you next week and yes...I'm still on track to having the whole enchilada done by July 4th weekend.

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