Memorial Day weekend has brought about the "unofficial" start of summer. Living near the shore has its disadvantages -- as in this weekend -- when it seems half the country's population comes to the beach. Work also is a bear this weekend, hence --

Not a whole lot of writing done this week. I went through the characters of Bullseye, Kingpin, and Daredevil. Still have to read through Elektra and the minor characters (Foggy, Ben, Heather, Turk/Grotto). Yes good ol' Foggy is a minor character. Not that I don't like Foggy -- just don't want to focus on too many major characters as the storyline might become muddy.

Once the above mentioned is done, I'll give the timeline a quick look over and then make my corrections to the PC version of the script, print, read, and begin my final draft.

Once the final draft is complete, I'm planning to send it on to a agent friend of mine to critique. Then back to me. Back to her. Back to me. And then...to you (?)

Almost there!

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