YES--it is finished!

I've spent the past 2 weeks cleaning up various dialogue, adjusting text descriptions, and tweaking this and that. Some of the tweaking involved cleaning up lines of text in which the last word of the line ended up on the next


This is a waste of space. I always try to cram whatever it is I'm saying into a full line. I also spent the past week making sure I wasn't redundant as far as using the same word over and over again (esp. within the same scene.) An example would be, I used the word "slam" 3 or 4 times within 2 paragraphs. This gets old after a while and to keep your reader motivated, it's important to break out the ol' thesaurus.

Now what? Well, first and foremost, I'll be sending it electronically to the WGAe office in New York for registration. While DD and it's characters are copyrighted by MEG, the "script" itself is an original work, hence the protection. Then, within the next few days, I will print out a hard copy and send it off for a review. When I get the feedback, I will make modifications to the script, return it to the reader, and then after her response, post it for all the world to see. I'm still shooting for the 4th of July weekend but it all depends upon the turnaround on the review, the modifications needed, and then back to the reader and back to me.

I'll post next Sunday and tell you where we're at.

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