The script is in the hands of the reader now. Hopefully, I'll hear back from her shortly and see what scenes are good and what scenes need some reworking.

In the meantime, I was going through my old notes/index cards. Here's a list of some scenes/ideas which I had originally written but then were cut out during the various drafts:

  • Bullseye calls a meeting w/ Ben in the subway tunnels
  • Elektra has a son
  • DD and Bullseye are involved in a taxicab chase through Central Park (This was one of my favorite scenes, which I cut due to space limitations)
  • DD revisits underground and finds Vanessa a prisoner
  • DD goes ballistic and starts tearing up the town
  • Courtroom scene
  • Ben meets with DD after Manhattan Bridge train wreck
  • Scene at the city morgue
In my original notes (before I started writing) I had such notes as:
  • Possible cast members: Stick, Punisher, Peter Parker
  • Bullseye pretends, throughout the script, he's George Bailey (from IAWL) in which George in his dream thinks his entire town has been destroyed by Potter
  • The EPA was responsible for using "environmentally safe" inhalers on prisoners
  • Matt/Foggy are lawyers for the MTA side against Fisk in his bid to make the subway system fully automated
  • Matt goes to Washington DC for Senate hearing involving these ES inhalers
  • Elektra's father was into real estate and buys up large chunks of Manhattan
  • Bullseye (during climax) is dressed as DD and begins a killing spree in which DD is blamed for. (I really liked this idea but it would have drawn out the script, perhaps by 10-15 pages, so I decided against it.)
Anyway, the hardest part about writing is "rewriting" in which you must choose what aspects of your story are imperative and what scenes only clutter the script. While I liked 2 or 3 of the above idea, it just would have prolonged the script. Hopefully, I have made the right cuts.

I hadn't noticed this earlier, but when I took down the index cards from the corkboard, many of them had faded dramatically. The corkboard was positioned where, each afternoon, it would sit in the direct sunlight for a few hours. Forgotten how this board had been up for almost a year. It's almost a sad day when you realize a script is complete and its time to toss out the old notes, cards, etc. Like a piece of you is also being tossed away.

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