The critique is in! And a good critique it was.

I am pleased to announce that the coverage was quite positive. The reader stated:

"BJ moved like the bullet train - - it kept me turning the pages and wondering what was going to happen - -- the action scenes read smooth; the dialogue was a potpourri mix - - - from fun, the acerbic to serious. . .it moved the story along - - -it helped form characterization - - - and the flashbacks worked well - - -Elektra and how she came to be - - - and how DD lost his sight - - - I also liked the subtext - - going underground; THE TYGER - - -fantastic."

Of course it wasn't all roses and sunshine. The negatives, though few and far between, were that the final scene (DD vs Bullseye) ran a bit long and the character of Heather was, well, let's put it in her words:

"...and Heather should have kicked him [ Matt ] to the curb long ago."

Another negative comment was that the script was a bit violent but - nonetheless - the violence did seem to work, she said.

Several folks have commented over the past year why I named this script "Blind Justice" and not "Daredevil." Allow me to quote the reader again:

"I wasn't sure how I'd like BJ because I had a certain prejudice - - thinking films based on comics were like the old K-POW Batman series and I had images of Danny Devito Penguins running through me head - - - granted, there is a line of realism that has to be crossed for this story - - but in reading BJ it didn't have a comic book feel - - - DD, Elektra, etc. actually bleed; they don't bounce right back up and most important, they're intriguing characters...."

That's the problem with comic based scripts. There's a certain prejudice towards them for "comics" are, by a majority of the populace, still regarded as "children books." My plan with BLIND JUSTICE was to write a script with the thought that if I changed the names of the characters and removed certain elements of the story, you would no longer have a comic-adaptation but a mainstream crime-noir screenplay. By including the word "Daredevil" in any part of the title, I felt it would have one strike already against it and the last thing you want to do, when a reader looks at your script for the first time, is give them reason to have a predetermined notion as to what they're about to read.

Okay, so what's next? Well, how about the FINAL journal entry!

Yes, next week will be the last installment in this journal log. Finally! By the Fourth of July weekend, BLIND JUSTICE will be ready for all to view. See you in about a week.

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