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Tentative release schedule for Celestial remastered Shaw Bros. films
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01. Come Drink with Me (martial arts)
02. The Warlord (comedy)
03. The Kingdom & the Beauty (huangmei)
04. Love in a Fallen City (drama)
05. The Tea House (action/adventure)
06. The Heroic Ones (martial arts)
07. Killer Clans (martial arts)
08. Hong Kong Nocturne (musical)
09. The Price of Love (drama)
10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (sci-fi)
11. The House of 72 Tenants (comedy)
12. Till the End of Time (drama)
13. Kidnap (drama)
14. The Empress Dowager (period drama)
15. The Blue and the Black (drama)
16. The Anonymous Heroes (martial arts)
17. The Magic Blade (martial arts)
18. The Bride Napping (huangmei)
19. Hong Kong Rhapsody (musical)
20. Hong Kong Playboys (comedy)


21. The Blue and the Black II (drama)
22. Teenage Dreamers (drama)
23. The Three Smiles (huangmei)
24. Vermillion Door (drama)
25. Clans of Intrigue (martial arts)
26. Last Woman of Shang (musical)
27. Temple of the Red Lotus (swordplay)
28. Big Brother Cheng (crime/drama)
29. The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung (comedy)
30. The Millionaire Chase (comedy)
31. Blood Brothers (martial arts)
32. The Monkey Goes West (drama)
33. The Last Tempest (drama)
34. Human Skin Lanterns (horror/martial arts)
35. Death Duel (wuxia)


36. The Love Eternel (musical)
37. Love Without End (B/W) (drama)
38. Heroes Two (martial arts)
39. The Cave of Silken Web (fantasy)
40. We Love Millionaires (musical)
41. The Killer Snakes (horror)
42. The Twelve Golden Medallions (action)
43. The Bastard (action)
44. Starlets For Sale (exploitation)
45. Family Light Affair (drama)

MARCH 2003

46. The Happiest Moment (comedy)
47. When the Clouds Roll By (drama)
48. The Mighty Peking Man
49. Buddha's Palm (fantasy/martial arts)
50. Shaolin Temple (martial arts)
51. Duel of Fist (action)
52. The Girlie Bar (drama)
53. Passing Flickers (drama)
54. Iron Bodyguard (action)
55. Na Cha the Great (fantasy)

APRIL 2003

56. Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
57. Love Parade (comedy/musical)
58. Let's Make Laugh (comedy)
59. Emperor Chien Lung and the Beauty (comedy)
60. The Dancing Millionaires (musical)
61. The Lizard (action)
62. The Magnificent Trio (swordplay)
63. Princess Iron Fan (drama)
64. The Merry Wife (comedy)
65. Legend of the Bat (wuxia)
66. The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (martial arts)
67. The Grand Substitution (drama/musical)
68. Behind the Yellow Line (drama)
69. The Knight of Knights (swordplay)
70. The Venus' Tear Diamond (crime)

MAY 2003

71. Inside the Forbidden City (musical)
72. My Name Ain't Suzie (drama)
73. Notorious Eight (action)
74. Challenge of the Gamesters (action)
75. All Men Are Brothers (martial arts)

JUNE 2003

76. Les Belles (musical)
77. Illicit Desire (exploitation)
78. Have Sword Will Travel (swordplay)
79. The Golden Buddha (swordplay)
80. The Water Margin (martial arts)
81. The Delinquent (crime)
82. The Siamese Twins (horror)
83. Kiss of Death (horror/drama)
84. The Trail of the Broken Blade (swordplay)
85. The Rat Catcher (drama)
86. The Silent Love (drama)
87. The Emperor and His Brother (wuxia)
88. Young Lovers (musical)

JULY 2003

89. Enchanting Shadow (fantasy)
90. Vengeance (martial arts)
91. Too Late For Love (drama/war)
92. Tiger and the Widow (exploitation)
93. Super Inframan (horror/fantasy)
94. Women of Desire (drama)
95. Oily Maniac (horror)
96. Disciples of the 36th Chamber (martial arts)
97. The Pearl Phoenix (swordplay)
98. The Condemned (action/crime)
99. One Way Only (drama)
100. Sex For Sale (exploitation)
101. The Pure and the Evil (drama)
102. The Master (martial arts)
103. Journey of the Doomed (martial arts)
104. The Land of Many Perfumes (drama)
105. Two Con Men (comedy)
106. Puppy Love (drama)
107. Torrent of Desire (exploitation)
108. Farewell, My Love (drama)
109. Heroes of Sung (swordplay)
110. Secret Service of the Imperial Court (mart arts)
111. Sunset (musical)


112. The Golden Lotus (exploitation)
113. Mr. Funnybone Strikes Again (comedy)
114. Boxer From Shantung (crime)
115. Heaven and Hell (fantasy)
116. Danger has Two Faces (action)
117. Return to the 36th Chamber (martial arts)
118. The Jade Tiger (wuxia)
119. Whose Baby is in the Classroom? (musical)
120. Crazy Sex (exploitation)
121. Police Force (crime)
122. The Big Holdup (crime)
123. 36 Secrets of Courtship (exploitation)
124. Soul of the Sword (swordplay)
125. Heroes Shed No Tears (wuxia)
126. The Spiritual Boxer II (comedy/horror)
127. Shaolin Handlock (martial arts)


128. The Criminals (crime)
129. The Lady Professional (action)
130. Mahjong Heroes (comedy)
131. The Younger Generation (drama)
132. Web of Death (fantasy/horror)
133. The Shadow Whip (martial arts)
134. Diary of a Lady Killer (drama)
135. The Human Goddess (fantasy)
136. Lion vs. Lion (martial arts)


137. King Gambler (action)
138. Mr. Funnybone (comedy)
139. On the Wrong Track (drama)
140. The Scandalous Warlord (comedy)
141. Two Champions of Shaolin (martial arts)
142. The Angel Strikes Again (action)
143. The Sexy Killer (crime)
144. To Kill a Jaguar (action)
145. The Bamboo House of Dolls (exploitation)
146. The Shadow Boxer (martial arts)


147. The Five Venoms (martial arts)
148. Carry on Con Men (comedy)
149. Sexy Girls of Denmark (exploitation)
150. Girl with the Long Hair (exploitation)
151. Invincible Shaolin (martial arts)

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