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2005 release schedule for Celestial remastered Shaw Bros. films
Source: IVL (last update: 3/04/05)


The Drug Addicts (drama)
The Fugitive (action)
Gambler's Delight (action)
King Eagle (martial arts)
The Singing Killer (action)
The Battle Wizard (martial arts)
Cohabitation (drama)
Death Valley (martial arts)
Dream Of The Red Chamber (Huangmei Opera)
Forbidden Tales Of Two Cities (erotic)
How To Pick Girls Up! (comedy)
Lady Jade Locket (drama)
The Silent Swordsman (martial arts)
Spring Blossoms (drama)
Sweet Is Revenge (action)


The Enchanting Ghost (horror)
Interpol (action)
Killer Darts (martial arts)
Let's Make Laugh II (comedy)
Summons To Death (action)
Tales Of A Eunuch (martial arts)

MARCH 2005

The Bells Of Death (martial arts)
Boxer Rebellion (martial arts)
The Crazy Bumpkins (comedy)
Descendant Of The Sun (martial arts)
Heroes Of The East (martial arts)
Cat Vs Rat (martial arts)
The Illegal Immigrant (drama)
Lost Souls (drama)
Return Of The Crazy Bumpkins (comedy)
Tiger Killer (martial arts)
A Deadly Secret (martial arts)
Finger Of Doom (martial arts)
Friends (drama)
The Taxi Driver (drama)
The Invincible Fist (martial arts)

APRIL 2005

Clan Of The White Lotus (martial arts)
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (martial arts)
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2 (martial arts)
Intrigue In Nylons (drama)
Woman Of The Night (drama)
The Avenging Eagle (martial arts)
The Lark (musical)
Raw Passions (thriller)
Rear Entrance (drama)
The Twin Bracelets (drama)

MAY 2005

The Crimson Charm (martial arts)
Dead End (drama)
The Deadly Breaking Sword (martial arts)
The Goddess Of Mercy (period)
The Silver Fox (martial arts)
Big Bad Sis (action)
Dreams Of Eroticism (erotic)
Gossip Street (comedy)
Hong Kong Hong Kong (erotic)
Let's Have A Baby

JUNE 2005

Dirty Ho (martial arts)
King Cat (martial arts)
The Lady Assassin (martial arts)
Look Out, Officer! (comedy)
Return Of The Sentimental Swordsman (martial arts)
Brave Archer And His Mate (martial arts)
The Fake Ghost Catchers (martial arts)
Monkey Kung Fu (martial arts)
Perfect Girls (comedy)
The Treasure Hunters (martial arts)

JULY 2005

Bruce Lee & I (action)
Call To Arms (martial arts)
Cherie (drama)
Legend Of The Fox (martial arts)
The Proud Twins (martial arts)
The Flying Mr. B (comedy)
The Mad Monk (comedy)
The Proud Youth (martial arts)
The Sugar Daddies (erotic)
Three Sinners (Huangmei Opera)


Fast Fingers (comedy)
My Rebellious Son (martial arts)
Ode To Gallantry (martial arts)
River Of Fury (action)
Swift Sword (martial arts)
Adventures Of Emperor Chien Lung (period)
Brothers From The Walled City (action)
Judgement Of An Assassin (martial arts)
The Mermaid (Huangmei Opera)
Murderer Pursues (action)


The 82 Tenants (comedy)
Brotherhood (action)
Emperor Chien Lung (comedy)
The Jade Faced Assassin (martial arts)
Marco Polo (martial arts)
The Angry Guest (action)
The Duel (action)
Girl With The Diamond Slipper (comedy)
Invincible Enforcer (martial arts)
Lovers' Rock (drama)


Between Tears And Smiles (martial arts)
Disco Bumpkins (comedy)
Melody Of Love (comedy)
Shaolin Intruders (martial arts)
Young Lovers On Flying Wheels (drama)


The Flying Dagger (martial arts)
Love With The Perfect Stranger (comedy)
Mother Vs Mother (comedy)
Mr. Possessed (comedy)
The Wandering Swordsman (martial arts)
7-Man Army (action)
The Bastard Swordsman (martial arts)
The Emperor And The Minister (period)
The Fantastic Magic Baby (martial arts)
Return Of Bastard Swordsman (martial arts)


Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre (martial arts)
Scandal (martial arts)
Sex, Love And Hate (martial arts)
Song Of Tomorrow (martial arts)
Ten Tigers Of Kwang Tung (martial arts)
Blue Skies (musical)
Demon Of The Lute (martial arts)
The Magnificent Concubine (Huangmei Opera)
Magnificent Wanderers (martial arts)
Tragic Commitment (drama)

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