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2004 release schedule for Celestial remastered Shaw Bros. films
Source: IVL (last update: 4/17/04)


Black Magic (horror)
A Cause To Kill (thriller)
Legends Of Lust (erotica)
Love Without End (drama)
Five Shaolin Masters (martial arts)
Beyond The Great Wall (period)
Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers? (drama)
Holy Flame Of The Martial World (martial arts)
Rose, Be My Love (drama)
The Sentimental Swordsman (martial arts)
The Yellow Muffler (musical)


The Imposter (action)
Lady Is The Boss (martial arts)
New Tales Of The Flying Fox (martial arts)
Chinatown Kid (martial arts)
A Maid From Heaven (period)
The Forbidden Past (drama)
Lust For Love Of A Chinese Courtesan (erotica)
Moonlight Serenade (drama)

MARCH 2004

Executioners From Shaolin (martial arts)
Fallen Petals (drama)
Hex After Hex (horror)
Madame Slender Plum (drama)
A Place To Call Home (drama)
The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter (martial arts)
The Generation Gap (drama)
Hex Vs Witchcraft (horror)
Sorrow Of The Gentry (drama)
The Young Rebel (drama)

APRIL 2004

Auntie Lan (drama)
The Flying Guillotine (martial arts)
Mad Monkey Kung Fu (martial arts)
Sinful Confession (erotica)
The Vengeful Beauty (action)
The 5 Billion Dollar Legacy (drama)
Mr Funnybone (comedy)
Hex (horror)
The Rescue (martial arts)
My Young Auntie (martial arts)
Summer Heat (drama)
That's Adultery (erotica)
The Bride From Hell (horror)
Dream Of The Red Chamber (period)
Flying Guillotine II (martial arts)
Friend From Inner Space (comedy)
Hong Kong 73 (drama)

MAY 2004

Apartment For Ladies (drama)
The Black Falcon (action)
Crippled Avengers (martial arts)
Golden Swallow (martial arts)
Shaolin Mantis (martial arts)
Thirteen (drama)
Rear Entrance (drama)
Challenge Of The Masters (martial arts)
The Call Girls (drama)
Dragon Swamp (martial arts)
Ghost Eyes (horror)
Mr. Funnybone Strikes Again (comedy)
A Mad World Of Fools (comedy)

JUNE 2004

Gun Brothers (thriller)
Love Swindlers (erotica)
One-Armed Swordsman (martial arts)
That Firey Girl (action)
Crazy Sex (erotica)
The Thundering Sword (martial arts)
The Avenging Eagle (martial arts)
The Singing Thief (musical)
The Sword Of Swords (martial arts)
A Time For Love (drama)
The West Chamber (period)

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JULY 2004

Amorous Woman Of Tang Dynasty (erotica)
Crocodile River (thriller)
Maybe Its Love (drama)
My Son (drama)
The Spiritual Boxer (martial arts)
The Deadly Duo (martial arts)
Dirty Ho (martial arts)
Duel Of The Century (martial arts)
The Informer (action)
Diau Charn (period)
Return Of One-Armed Swordsman (martial arts)
Unfinished Melody (drama)


Chinese Style Adultery (erotica)
Clan Of Amazons (martial arts)
Crazy Shaolin Disciples (comedy)
Double Bliss (drama)
The Enchanting Ghost (drama)
The Ghost Lovers (horror)
My Dream Boat (drama)
Mist Over Dream Lake (drama)
The Casino (martial arts)
The Enchantress (martial arts)
Lovers Destiny (drama)
Shaolin Prince (martial arts)
Winner Takes All (comedy)


The Golden Sword (martial arts)
Heroes Of The East (martial arts)
The New One-Armed Swordsman (martial arts)
The Spirit Of The Sword (martial arts)
Black Magic 2 (horror)
The Swordmate (martial arts)
Angel With Iron Fists (martial arts)
The Assassin (martial arts)
The Battle Wizard (martial arts)
The Lark (musical)
Let's Make Laugh II (comedy)
Raw Courage (action)
Monkey Kung-Fu (martial arts)
The Naval Commandos (action)
Bat Without Wings (martial arts)
Descendant Of The Sun (martial arts)
Dream Of The Red Chamber (period)
Legendary Weapons Of China (martial arts)


Gambler's Delight (action)
Sword Stained With Royal Blood (martial arts)
The Brave Archer (martial arts)
The Brave Archer II (martial arts)
Clan Of The White Lotus (martial arts)
Tales Of Eunuch (martial arts)
The Lotus Lamp (period)
Vegeance Is A Golden Blade (martial arts)
Battle For The Republic China (drama)
The Shaolin Avengers (martial arts)


The Angel Strikes Again (action)
The Brave Archer III (martial arts)
Lost Souls (erotica)
The Lady Hermit (martial arts)
Haunted Tales (horror)
Roving Swordsman (martial arts)
Summons To Death (action)
The Amorous Lotus Pan (period)
Corpse Mania (horror)
Cat VS Rat (martial arts)
The Forbidden Tales Of Two Cities (comedy)
Killers Five (martial arts)


The Bells Of Death (martial arts)
The Sinful Adultress (erotica)
The King Boxer (martial arts)
The Chinese Boxer (martial arts)
Friends (drama)
Martial Arts Of Shaolin (martial arts)
Sweet Is Revenge (martial arts)
Twin Blades Of Doom (martial arts)
Black Butterfly (martial arts)
Killer Darts (martial arts)
Dreams Of Eroticism (erotica)
King Eagle (action)
Madame White Snake (period)
Martial Club (martial arts)
The Silent Swordsman (martial arts)
Temptress Of A Thousand Faces (drama)

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